The Glint Club | Introduction

In April 1956 David Bethel submitted his design for the Glint border & corner to Monotype, the designs becoming B1309/10 in August of the same year.

Beatrice Warde was at this time working as the corporation’s publicity manager & developed a self-confessed ‘mania’ for ‘working out combinations’ of Bethel’s new border.

Warde went on to invent the Glint Game, encouraging others to ‘experiment & invent’ new Glint combinations, she claimed to have discovered 75 such combinations in collaboration with her personal assistant Sarah Clutton.

In his 1993 article ‘Creating Printers’ Flowers’, printed in Matrix 13, David Bethel reports that a Glint Club was formed in Antwerp to play the Glint Game. It is not clear when this club was formed, if other clubs followed or how long the Antwerp club lasted.

On 01 September 2015, as a result of small talk & happy accident, Samantha King (@redeelpress), Elizabeth Fraser (@frauhaus) & Andrew Dolinski (@carparthian_type) found themselves forming a new Glint Club & cordially invite others to play the Glint Game with them.

Bethel, D. (2003) ‘Creating Printer’s Flowers’ in Type & Typography: highlights from Matrix, the review for printers & bibliophiles, West New York: Mark Batty Publishers.



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